Posted by: Opey | August 2, 2007

Enough is Enough Thursday – Week 8

Another week, another Enough is Enough Thursday. After a few weeks where my last nerves were being trampled upon, I really have very few big gripe this week. Anything that I have been pissed off about really is rather small or petty as well. However, the show……er, blog, must go on. The first thing today has been a bit of a running complaint over the past few weeks. The Brewers have been in first place in the NL Central for most of the summer, but, as of last night, they no longer have a claim to that spot. The Cubs now have a percentage point lead over the Crew. Needless to say, I am not a big fan of that. I have ripped heavily on Cubs fans in the past regarding their arrogance and ability to completely ruin a Brewers’ home game when they show up like locusts at Miller park. Last night after it was made official that the Brewers were now in second place in the division, I thought about that stance. I still may not enjoy the actions of some Cubs fans, but I can see why they do what they do. They are passionate fans, just like many Crew supporters. Where the real pain in my ass comes from is the sports media and their coverage and obsession with the Baby Bears. As I watched Sportscenter this morning (I really have to find a new sports highlight show to watch by the way) there was several segments about how the Cubs overtook the Brewers. I would have been fine with one short mention of it, but the coverage was well overdone. All you hear about is the playoff drought for the Cubs and the curse and Bartman. What about the Brewers and their horrible last few decades? I guess it comes down to Chicago being a bigger market than Milwaukee. There are simply more fans of the Cubs than there are of the Brewers. That being said, the media obsession needs to stop. There are still nearly 2 full months of games to play. It will be a great stretch run, that is if the media doesn’t ruin it with wall to wall coverage of Cubs stories.

My other rather small gripe this week is work related. I have been furiously attempting to reach a plethora of people for various reasons and projects over the past few weeks. I have emailed all of them and even called a few of them and left voicemail messages. Well, a week or so goes by and I hear nothing. The reason I need to contact these people is known to them and we have had previous contact, so it isn’t an instance of my messages being ignored as trash. I understand that it is summer and that everyone needs a vacation, God knows I do. Even so, Isn’t it possible to check your email once or twice a week? Am I crazy on this one? I have found out that, in Madison at least, it is nearly impossible to get a hold of anyone by phone, but generally emails are quickly returned. I guess I just get to sit by the virtual mailbox and wait for the email man to visit.

Well, there they are, my small gripes for this week. I promise to be more annoyed by more things next week. After all, I get to move, so that should provide at least one or two good pains in my ass. I have added a RSS feed button to the right-hand side of the blog today, so feel free to subscribe to my blog’s feed and read it at your convenience in the reader of your choice. As always, feel free to disagree/agree with me in the comments or add your own frustrations to the list.


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