Posted by: Opey | August 5, 2007

Law School Update: Time Keeps Slip Sliding Away

Move-in part I went off without a hitch yesterday.  The U-Haul company wasn’t the seedy, underhanded people that I thought they might be and the actual moving of stuff went extremely quickly.  Even the weather cooperated long enough for us to just get back to the house before it started to rain with any real intensity.  With all the flurry of the annual move-out/move-in activities beginning if full, it is yet another reminder that I will in fact be continuing my academic career.  Just this past week when I was talking to a friend, I had the epiphany that some, if not most, of my undergraduate friends had not only graduated, but also made the choice to move on into the real world.  There were alway signs of this, but now that I have a schedule in hand and some of the networking/social activities have been planned/begun the divergence has been brought to the forefront.  It has made me look back at my Summer and evaluate it.  I made the conscious decision to not actually “prepare” for law school.  By that, I mean that I choose not to read cases or study how to study and read in law school.  I did look around for tips from those who came before me, but that was about the extent of it.  But even those minor movements into the law school world were set off by the activities of those who are getting a real job.  I think it really sets the tone for the coming year.  I still will have friends on campus who will be working on their undergrad degree, but it will be the last year for them all.  The difference between activities will probably have the same differing tones that were found in summer activities.  Even those few people I know who will be pursuing another form of post-undergrad degree will face very differing circumstances.  I’m sure that many grad students do not activly worry about clothing choice during the first week of class or how to act during orientation as to not seem like a kiss ass or an outcast.  The more and more I think about law school, the more I am drawn to the parallels between it and high school.


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