Posted by: Opey | August 8, 2007

Crew Week In Review: August 1 – 7

What a boatload of crap.  This team has decided to take the hearts and minds of the people of Wisconsin and take them on a long walk off of a short pier.  Apparently over the all star break there was a message circulated around the Brewers’ clubhouse informing pitchers that games now only lasted 5 innings and that each inning only consisted of 2 outs.  How can we have started out so well only to come crashing back to Earth with such force as to crush the dreams of fans everywhere.  I understand that we are in first place in the division, but frankly, that is meaningless.  The Cubs, though facing a slump of their own, seem to have the talent that is necessary to win the division now.  The Brewers have more holes that a screen door.  The only players that have shown any sort of real consistency over the past few weeks are Ryan Braun, YoGo, and Shouse.  Some would put Prince in this category, but he has been swinging at some bad pitches lately, but he has shown glimpses of coming out of his slump.  Every other player on the roster has been so up and down that you can get nauseous just watching them.  Our starting pitching, as previously mentioned, can not get us out of the 5th inning.  Our bullpen, even when given a seemingly solid lead, routinely finds a way to throw away ball games.  Our offense, after being the juggernaut that many thought it would be in the early season, has cooled off to the point where they could freeze water on contact.  I don’t know what to do.  There is no magic bullet in the minors just waiting for a call up.  There are no trades to be made that can cure these ills, especially now that the deadline has passed.  I truly love this team.  I always have and, as difficult as it seems at times, I always will.  However, when the Crew routinely fails, something has to change.  Ned Yost needs to go.  I’ve never been the biggest Yost supporter, but I was at least confident in his managerial abilities during the offseason and the early parts of this season.  In the last few months he has seemed like a statue.  Other than that one outburst in the dugout you don’t hear anything that seems like fire or anger.  I can understand wanting to seem calm in front of young players, but we are past that point now.  It’s now time to be fiery and to get upset and shake things up a bit.  Unfortunately, I think the best way to do that now is to give Yost the oust.

Brewer of the Week:  Ryan Braun.  I would have given this to the fans again, but Braun played well enough over the past few days to earn this.  He has garnered attention for his potential to win both NL rookie of the year and NL MVP.  That would be quite the achievement and so he wins for this week.

Today’s Game/Predictions: Really, I have no idea anymore.  I just don’t feel right in predicting a game.  Call it my own attempt at trying to shake some bad mojo.  Here’s my only prediction for today: A game will happen today between a team from Milwaukee and a team from Colorado.  9 innings will be played and the team that scores the most runs will win.  I’m not even sure of that anymore.  Knowing the Crew’s luck these past few weeks, I could see a fissure opening up in the ground under Coors Field causing the cancellation the game.

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