Posted by: Opey | August 9, 2007

Enough is Enough – Week 9

It’s that wonderful time of the week again.  It’s the time for me to open up the pissing and moaning floodgates.  Enough is Enough is usually a therapeutic time for me to just let everything flow out.  All the gripes of the week that I had bottled up, somewhat, are allowed to burst forth onto the digital pages of this blog.  There is only one theme for this weeks edition of Enough is Enough: The Milwaukee Brewers.  I have said before that I will try to avoid too much talk about the Brewers as an attempt to avoid sending myself into the depths of insanity.  Well, I need to put a stay on that goal until after today’s post.  If I don’t, the amount of complaints that I have will just pile up and really ruin my love for the Crew.  Anyways, here we go.  First on the docket for today are some fans that claim unless you have a truly undying universal love for your team, you are not a fan.  That is complete BS.  I consider myself one of the biggest Brewer’s fans I know, but I am a fan of the “team”.  I do not have to be a fan of each individual player, coach and hot dog vendor in order to be a true fan of the team.  In fact, I believe that those who are arificial fans of each and every aspect of any team are not true fans at all.  Fans want what’s best for the team and if that means some changes in personnel, then so be it.  With that in mind here are my gripes about the current state of the team itself.  I’m sorry, but Yost needs to go, as I mentioned yesterday.  He has stood relatively motionless as this team has started a downward spiral towards the end of the season.  There is plenty of talent on this team, but there appears to be a lack of leadership and/or fire.  Some of that is the result of players not stepping up, but some of it is also up to the manager.  I’m sorry, but between a talented player and a coach having to go in order to shake up a team or light a fire under people, I’ll go with the coach every time.  Next up is our pitching.  News Flash: Baseball games last longer than 5 innings.  Hell, YoGo didn’t even last that long yesterday.  We have more than the average amount of pitchers on the roster, so we should not have a tired staff.  Something needs to be done.  The only thing I can think of is to inject Parra into the rotation and take your pick of who to send to the pen.  My last Crew gripe for the week is the teams play on the road.  It has been atrocious.  They have 2 wins in their last 12 road games.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix this problem.  This, in my opinion, is another one that comes back to leadership/fire/desire.  Something needs to happen to kick-start this team again.  The no hitter earlier in the year was able to break the Crew out of a slump, so maybe the drubbings they took in Colorado will do the same.

There are my gripes of the week.  Hopefully there will be no further need for any Brewers related topics during these posts in the future.  As always, feel free to tack on your own complaints about the Brewers or anything else you need to vent about.


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