Posted by: Opey | August 17, 2007

Pack Quickly Approaching the Sunset of a Bad Era

This blog has really taken a sharp turn towards the football realm over the last week. Between the Brewers doing their best Titanic impression, my Badger football preview (Part I, Part II), and my purchase of Madden ’08, things have really being coming up pigskin. Well, as I looked around the net today in my usual attempt to try to find a blog topic, another football story caught my eye. It has been widely reported that Green Bay Packers WR Robert Ferguson will either be traded or given his walking papers in the very very near future. I have always had a joking affection for poor “Turd” Ferguson, but in the last two or three seasons, my appreciation for him has taken a nosedive. He was touted as the next Robert Brooks or Sterling Sharpe when he was drafted out of Texas A&M in 2001. Well, he has been more Tony Mandrich than either of those two great Packer wideouts. Anyways, my disdain for Ferguson’s lack of production aside, I noticed an interesting trend when I sought out which draft class Ferguson was taken in. Ferguson was taken in the second round in 2001, the draft that both marked the end of the Ron Wolf era and the beginning of the Mike Sherman era (even though Wolf was “in command”, I still believe Sherman had more control then anyone is willing to admit). Now, many of you out there who have read my draft recap from this year know of my disdain for Ted Thompson. Admittedly it looks like his late round picks may have potential, but I believe he wasted the first round pick (one of the ultimate sins in the NFL) and made no moves to shore up the offense in free agency. That being said, Ted Thompson is a genius when compared to Sherman’s tenure as GM. Anyways, the trend I noticed was that we are finally nearing the end of the purge of all of Sherman’s mistake draft picks. No players remain from the 2001 draft which featured such gems as Jamal Reynolds (who gets my vote for worst pick of the last decade) and Bhawoh Jue. All but one player are gone from the 2002 draft (the remaining player may have been the best pick in the Sherman era: Aaron Kampman in the 5th round). This draft featured some talent (Javon Walker) and some, well, the opposite of talent (Marques Anderson). Again, only one player remains from the 2003 Sherman draft class. He is another good one, but your 1st rounder should be: Nick Barnett. The 2004 draft, the one that finally broke the camels back, has two remaining players (Scott Wells and Corey Williams) but it features the three of the worst picks I’ve ever seen in the form of Ahmad Carroll, Joey Thomas and B.J. Sander in the 3rd round. Those picks are close to the Tony pick over Barry Sanders. Just for comparisons sake, only 1 of Sherman’s drafts, the 2002 incarnation, made it into the Top Packer’s Draft Classes. Ron Wolf (1992-2000) has 7 of his drafts listed, including the top two spots.  It is information like this that makes me look at Ted Thompson in a relatively new light.  His drafts and player moves may be bad or, at least, questionable, but he is a master general manager when compared to Mike Sherman



  1. Excellent post.
    As someone who does not follow the Packers or see many Packers games, I’m astonished at those drafts in review. They seemed OK at the time, but in the years that have passed it’s obvious they were terrible.

  2. Yeah. Even though I attempted to do it this year, it is just too difficult to judge draft classes in the year they are picked or even the next year. It really takes two years to accurately and holistically judge a draft class. That being said, I’ll still complain about a few picks I don’t think fit our needs (1st pick this year). The look back really made me think about the draft and how I view it. I thought a few of those drafts had promise too, but so much for that

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