Posted by: Opey | August 18, 2007

Finally Back to Being a Part of the Web

I just recently finished the annual Madison ritual known as move in/out day.  Every August 14-15, nearly all apartment and rental house dwelling Madisonian gets the joy of having all of their leases end on the same day and not start up in their new places until the following day.  What occurs during these two days is a flurry of cleaning supplies, quick fix-up jobs and a whole lot of moving.  Well, after you get situated in your new place, you get to go through the second phase of moving: going insane while trying to get everything set up.  For most people, this would mean unpacking boxes or putting clothes and other essential items in their proper places.  Well, I managed to escape any blood or bruises doing that.  Where I was symbolically wounded this year was in the realm of “the web”.  Now, “the web” encompasses not only the Internet, but also other lines of communication, such as telephone, television, radio, etc.  We, being all too busy to bother with it, had not set up our cable at our new place and could not get around to it until this past Friday, so that cut me off of the Internet and cable television.  In addition, I had the joy of having cell phone difficulties, so I was without any reliable telephone communications for a few days.  I nearly went insane during the time where I had been cut free from “the web”.  I have heard of people who have cut out various aspects of it in attempts to live healthier or to save money and I thought it would be doable.  Well, after just 4 or so days, I will have nightmares of going periods of time without cable, the Internet and a cell phone.  To tell you the truth, it really is a sad commentary on our society today.  Going through almost withdrawal-like symptoms by quiting “the web” for just a few days really kind of makes myself feel a bit ashamed.  We really live in a world where we need some of these forms of communication/entertainment.  Now, I think we/I could live without one or two for periods of time, but, like any other true form of addiction, it is nearly impossible to give everything up all at once and to quit cold turkey.  There is some good news at least (I just saved $500 on my car insurance……I had to say it).  Having the Internet back insures that I will be back on a regular posting schedule for awhile, at least until law school orientation starts..  Doesn’t everybody feel so lucky.

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