Posted by: Opey | August 23, 2007

Enough is Enough – Week 10

Ah, the familiar sounds of my complaining will again fill the air around my blog on this wonderful Thursday morning.  As I sit here I have only 3 days left of work and then begins the 1L journey that I have been eagerly anticipating since the January day that I found out I was going to law school.  This really is a time for deep thought and retrospective…..but the Hell with that, I need to spew forth with that which has been on my last nerve over the past week.  And away we go…

I have a feeling that I am in good company with many in Southern Wisconsin with my first gripe of the week.  Now, I could complain simply about the rain and how it is such a pain, but I’m not going to do that.  I could also go back a few weeks and complain about the heat and humidity.  Most in Wisconsin find the summers here to be close to unbearable, with them being almost worse than many hot spots across the country.  Alas, that is also not the sole focus of this particular gripe.  This week, in conjunction with the past few weeks has planted a seed of annoyance with the inconsistent WI weather.  I’ve lived in the state for all but 1 year of my life, so I’ve experienced all of what WI and mother nature have to offer.  I have lived through the -35 degree winters and the 100+ summers.  I actually do not have a problem with those in and amongst themselves.  Where the problem arises is when the temperature or weather can change from day to day, or in a few cases, hour to hour.  Take the last two weeks for example.  We started out in the mid 80’s, but then we plummeted into the 60s and 70s, then, after months of drought like conditions, the monsoon season arrived in Madison.  We experienced a near 20 degree swing in temperature and the wettest month on record all in the course of a week or so.  You just can’t plan on what they weather will be from day to day.  Even at the extremes, if they are consistent, you can at least look out the window and say, “tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today.”  Here, you really don’t have that luxury.  Some will say that variety is the spice of life, but if that is the case, make my weather as bland as possible.

The only other gripe for this week is really more of a pet peeve.  It is rather minor relative to many problems in the world, but it manages to bug me at the same times every year.  For those of you at the UW campus who make use of university recreation facilities, you may notice an increase in the gym population over the next few weeks, followed by a sharp decline by the end of September.  What is the cause of this flux in gym attendance you may ask?  Is it a generally good natured discovery that exercise is good for you?  Nope.  The same thing happens every year at this time, as well as immediately following winter break and the week or two leading up to spring break.  The reason for the flux is nothing more than people making a half-hearted pledge to themselves that this year/month/week will be different.  This time they will exercise to look better.  Now, I have no problem with working out, but my hope is that people do it for the right reasons.  Appearance can be a secondary goal, but it generally is not enough to drive a person to continue to workout.  This is the case with the freshman and others who populate the gym for a week or two and then stop.  If you are going to work out, do so for YOUR health, not for others thoughts.  I am not complaining so much about an increase in the amount of people at the gyms (even though that is a bit of an annoyance, but it is over shadowed by the greater good involved) but more so the lack of commitment.  Small problem, but one that seems to creep up on me every year.  Probably something I’ll just need to force myself to get over.

There they are, the gripes of the week.  Let me take this opportunity to announce that Enough is Enough will not be aired next week.  Instead, I plan to write my reactions and thoughts on my law school orientation that runs next week from Tuesday through Thursday.  I hope to post each night after the days events, but don’t be surprised if the posts show up the next morning due to evening activities.  For now, adios and one word of advice for Madison residents: Invest in a good canoe.


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