Posted by: Opey | August 27, 2007

Empty Cabinet for Bush

I have been forthright in the past in saying that I wish to keep this blog away from straightforward and unabashed political discussion. Personally the idea of partisanship and bickering in politics in general really “puts” me off. Both sides of the aisle have problems, but they cloud and mask their own issues by pointing at the other side and saying “Yeah, but s/he’s worse!!!” Well, I have to make a post today about politics, so everyone strap in. OK, deep breath, here we go. I entered college as a bit of a indecisive person politically. I knew that I leaned a bit toward the conservative end of the spectrum on some issues, but yet towards the liberal end on others. Early on I identified with the Republican party a bit more, but I maintained that I was barely in that camp. As my education went on through the years, especially in the realm of political science and government, I quickly came to find out that I was really more of an unaffiliated person. I did not, nor do I to this day, believe that party loyalty was such a good thing. This way I could be free to have my own ideas and stances on issues and I didn’t feel pressure to conform to any party line. Anyways, I tell that bit of info to qualify the following statement. I initially believed George W. Bush to be a good candidate for president. That belief only increased following the 9/11 attacks. He seemed to provide a rallying force and took quick action aimed to fix the terrorist problem. Well, following the Iraq war, various economic problems, and other political scandals, my view of Pres. Bush has fallen quite a bit. I believe he has nothing but the best intentions for the country, but he does not have the adequate skill to be an effective leader for this nation. A perfect example of this lack of leadership and political know-how is his cabinet. How many key cabinet members are still left? News is breaking today that Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez has resigned. Let’s look at the people in key positions who have left the Bush administration since he took office the first time around. Ashcroft, Powell, Rumsfeld, Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and many more less prominent members.  Now, the character of the President aside, there is something to be said about a person who cannot manage to hold on to a staff due to scandal or lack of loyalty.  There are currently only 3 members of the Bush Cabinet that remain from the first go around in 2001.  Some will point to other presidents and say that they have had similar numbers in terms of “defections”.  This is true, but the pattern is a bit different.  Take Bill Clinton for example.  He lost similar numbers, but many of his key positions (State, Defense, Attorney General) remained either stable or only changed when a new election came around.  This would seem to indicate that he was being responsive towards constituent concerns and not reactive following scandal.  Only time will tell what history has to write about the Bush presidency.  There have been good parts and there have been bad.  This is simply one cog in the greater machine that is the story, but it is one that caught my eye and made me think.

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