Posted by: Opey | September 1, 2007

The Greatest Time of the Year

Go outside.  No, I’ll wait.  Just trust me and go outside and breath in deeply.  Do you smell it.  No, not the smell of left over beer from last night or the exhaust from passing vehicles.  That smell that is emanating around the country today is one of fresh grass and the paint on that grass.  It’s the mixture of charcoal and propane grills firing up at 8 am.  It’s the smell of equal parts dedication and sweat.  Welcome to the opening Saturday of the college football season.  Today, across campuses nationwide, football games will be played.  Now, for me and others, the game itself is enough to send a person into pure bliss.  There is something so great about football.  The ability to crash into other people with little fear of retribution and the strategy involved in play calling all lead to football being a truly exciting sport.  For those out there who are not satisfied by football alone, the college version offers something more.  You often hear about the “pageantry” of college football.  Those who have never attended a game in person will not understand this sentiment.  Imagine a stadium that can seat over 80,000 people filled with crazy students that live and die by their teams.  Add to that mix alumni who share the student’s love of their alma mater.  Throw in a band and some good football on the field and you have a mixture that is unlike anything else.  There are so many traditions that only add to this fun.  Taking a look just at the Wisconsin Badgers you have “Jump Around” between the 3rd and 4th quarters, the Paul Bunyan Axe, the Heartland Trophy, Bucky and his pushups for every point, and numerous chants and cheers.  I would continue to lament about the greatest version of the greatest sport in America, but ESPN College Gameday is on and you need to watch college football to enjoy it.  If you are going to a game this weekend, make sure to take it all in.  All of the sights, sounds and smells that make college football so grand.  If you will not have a chance to take in a game today, make a point to get out and see one sometime this year.  From Div-I Bowl Subdivision to Div-III, a college football games is an event worth experiencing.

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