Posted by: Opey | September 2, 2007

Law School Update: 2 Days to Go

I have told myself time and time again this weekend that I am ready.  I went through the 3 days of orientation, prepared, and actually had some fun.  I met some other great 1Ls and I’m excited to experience the first week of classes with them.  I even was a real go-getter and I read for my Torts, Crim, and Contracts classes.  It surprised the hell out of me that I actually made the conscious decision to do that reading with the way I studied during my undergraduate career (ie not reading until the last week or two before exams).  I’ve managed to understand the material rather well (except for contracts, but I hear that is normal) and my reading/briefing technique is working well so far.  I’m trying out a modified version of the Law School Confidential highlighting method and so far so good.  Granted, I haven’t had an actual class yet so my good feelings about it may be a bit premature.  Hopefully today I’ll manage to finish my Civ Pro reading for Tuesday so that I can take Labor Day and use it too the fullest, by laying on my ass for most of the day and enjoy not doing anything.  For any regular readers out there, prepare for a possibility of sporadic posts over the next week.  I’m going to need to feel out my schedule to see when would be good times to write a post and complain to my best ability.  On the bright side, though, for those of you who look to my blog for law school-related postings I will probably cover my travels through law school more and more in the coming weeks and months, so be prepared for a deluge of information and perspective from a student going through the first few weeks of 1L year.

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