Posted by: Opey | September 3, 2007

And Now it’s Time for a Change

No real post today, just wanted to note a change in schedule for my weekly-feature blog posts.  Sundays will now feature a new segment entitled the “Badger Blitz”, which will be similar to the “Crew Week in Review Posts”.  I did not do one for this week because I just came up with the idea and there really isn’t much to say about the game besides Hill looked a bit off and Swan and Donovan were very surprising.  In the same regard Monday (or the day after the game in the case of Monday night games or other odd game days) will feature the “Packers Rewind”.  So look forward to these new posts this coming Sunday and Monday.  Because the blog will focus more intently on law school experiences, I’m doing away with the Law School Update on Sundays.  I’m also ditching “Enough is Enough Thursdays”.  I figure when I’m not writing about the Pack, Badgers, Brewers or law school I’m generally complaining about something anyways, so why give those complaints a special day to themselves.  Look for this blog to take on a bit more focused theme(s): Sports and Law School.  Sometimes I just have a difficult time coming up with topics other than sports or law school to be overly passionate about.  I will not get rid of my social commentary posts altogether, but they will be down a bit in terms of frequency.  So again just to recap:

  • Monday: Packers Rewind
  • Tuesday: Open
  • Wednesday: Crew Week In Review
  • Thursday: Open
  • Friday: Open
  • Saturday: Open
  • Sunday: Badger Blitz

Thanks for reading the blog and hopefully you’ll enjoy the changes that are to come.


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