Posted by: Opey | September 4, 2007

A Long and Surprising Day

Well, today was D-Day.  For many around the state, today was the first day of school.  For me, this meant it was the first day of law school.  I had read a ton about what exactly I could expect from this day.  My schedule for today read like a worst case scenario from what I have heard from many other 1Ls and other law students.  The day started out early with contracts, which was followed by civil procedure and then a 4 hour break before legal writing and research.  I went into the day dreading the beginning.  I had heard from many people, both from UW and other law schools, that contracts is often the most difficult class to both understand and “get into”.  I knew Prof. Contracts from my previous incarnation as a UW student, so there was a glimmer of hope.  That glimmer quickly turned into a bright light.  She started off with a minor joke or two, went over the syllabus quickly and then we got into some contract material.  Many in a 1L contracts class probably looked at stuff old contracts in their first lecture.  We, on the other hand, looked over the waiver contract signed by the parents of the children who will participate on the CBS reality show “Kid Nation”.  This was great in two ways.  For one it provided a great example of what a real life contract looks like and two, it provided some laughs and broke the tension of the first day.  I am actually looking forward to contracts now.  I think Prof. Contracts will provide some interesting ways to look at the subject of contracts.  Civil procedure was pretty much what I expected.  The reading has been rather easy and Prof Civ. is apparently one of the foremost subjects in her field.  It doesn’t hurt that the class was only 50 minutes long either.  The 4 hour break after Civ Pro actually was a blessing because I finished off the rest of my reading for the week.  Now hopefully I can get, and stay, ahead.  Legal writing and research actually will not be as bad as advertised, either.  The workload is not awful and the lecturer seems to really care about us, the lowly 1Ls.  She seemed generally interested in us and understanding towards our needs and problems.  I went into today expecting the worst.  I came out of the building today eager and ready for tomorrow.  That optimism will probably be robbed from me soon enough, but, for now, I’ll hold on to it as long as possible.


  1. Opey –

    Congratulations on getting off to a good start in your 1L year. I remember that mine was similar – some professors inspired and others a bit less so.

    I also learned to read the case after preparing to do so. That helped me avoid spinning my wheels while reading the case, since the cases are written (with lots of jargon) by judges for judges and practicing attorneys, and not for law students.

    Hang on to your optimism!


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