Posted by: Opey | September 6, 2007

Craig Just Another in a Line of Bad News for the GOP

Welcome to Opey’s political corner. I had said that posts from me that contained general and/or political commentary would decrease, but they will not disappear all together. Case in point comes today. For those of you out there who have been successfully able to hide from the media machine, the name Larry Craig probably doesn’t mean much. You may know him as a US Senator, but you probably don’t know much else about him. Well, in the past few weeks he has been involved in a sex scandal involving an undercover police officer in a bathroom. I’ll save you the time here and just tell you to go out and research the actual situation itself if you so desire. This is just the most recent in a line of incidents that have gone well beyond just “casting” the GOP in a negative light. Between political blunders, sex scandals, and other seedy maneuvers, the Republican party has fallen into the depths of PR hell. And you know what? They really haven’t tried to do much about it. Of course the individual members of the party involved in each scandal will come out and defend themselves, but there hasn’t been any real calls from GOP leadership. If the party really wants to put on a good face and attempt to regain any sense of a positive perception among the public, they should start to stand united against both these scandals in general and the people involved in them. In addition, for once can we just have someone involved come out, apologize and condemn their actions and not try to make excuses. Advisers for Craig have recently come out and stated that Craig had decided not to run next term anyways.  What does this have to do with anything?!?  Craig has even gone so far as to say he is fighting the charges against him and will take back his resignation if successful.  Just take what’s coming to you and then shut up and try to change.  It’s really that simple.  Until more Republicans do this and the number of sex/political scandals involving GOP members go down I will have less and less respect for the party as a whole.

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