Posted by: Opey | September 9, 2007

Badger Blitz: UW vs UNLV

Well, here’s the first installment of the new Badger Blitz series here at Opey’s Oratory.  Let’s all take this moment and let out a large sigh of relief.  Thankfully, Bucky and “They Man, The Myth, The Legend” Mr. TD was able to pullout a win out in the desert.  Watching yesterdays game confirmed some of the fears that I always seem to have year in and year out with Badger football teams.  Firstly, our defense always seems to have problems defending a team that runs a spread offense or shotgun heavy offense.  We face two teams taht run these types of offense in the Big Ten (Purdue and Northwestern) and both of these games give me a heart attack each year.  We always seem susceptible to little WR hitch screens and other staples of the spread offense.  Secondly, I am always a bit apprehensive about UW’s running game each year.  This feeling is probably unwarranted as the Badgers have generally featured a great rushing attack, but for some reason I just cannot get into the positive camp until they show me that this year will not be a down year.  A lot of that probably comes from being an undergrad here during the Anthony Davis era.  I still have not seen that true dominance out of PJ Hill that he showed in a few games last year, but last night was an improvement over his “dance-happy” game against Washington State.  Last night was another game in the Tyler Donovan Surprise Tour.  I played against TD in high school and, even though he could run the ball well, I just didn’t think he could carry a team with his arm.  Well, I was wrong.  His passes have looked crisp and accurate.  Even though it is a small sample size, TD has looked like he can carry the team to some great victories this year.  Well, next week it’s time to beat up on The Citadel.

Badger of the Game: There is no doubt, it has to be TD.  He showed poise under pressure and came through with a great bootleg to win the game last night.  He has passed well and last night he showed that he can still be dangerous on the ground as well.

  • Next Week: The Citadel @ UW
  • Prediction: UW 56, Citadel 10

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