Posted by: Opey | September 10, 2007

Packers Rewind: Eagles @ Packers

Well, at least it was a win.  The Packers managed to pull out a victory against a tough Eagles team yesterday at Lambeau Field.   It was a truly sloppy game.  The defense look good and held the Eagles largely in check, but I’m not sure how much of that was the Packer’s defense and how much of that was poor play on the part of the Eagle’s offense.  In a similar light, the Packer’s offense looked horrible, but again, I’m not sure how much of that was the offense and how much of that was the Eagle’s D.  In terms of the defense, I think that it was mostly good play on the part of the Packers.  The Eagles had a healthy McNabb under center and it’s tough to argue that the Eagle’s offense isn’t at least in the middle of the pack in terms of NFC/NFL offenses.  In terms of the Packer’s offense, I would have to put a large onus on the Packers.  Our running game looks to be a major problem area this year.  Brandon Jackson showed fleeting moments of “goodness” but, for the most part, the running game looked to be doing nothing more than running in place.  Our passing game looked mediocre, at best.  There is some excuse in terms of the passing game because Greg Jennings was held out with injury and his addition would have added another weapon to the arsenal.  The area of the game that I was really really impressed with was special teams.  Our coverage teams were flying to the ball and the kicking game was awesome.  I had predicted that the Crosby pick would be a great sleeper and, so far, I look like a profit.

Packer of the Week:  Aaron Kampman.  Aaron was always in the shot when a play was broken up in the backfield and there were several plays where Kampman either caught a player running down the field or was nipping at the heels of either McNabb or another ball carrier.

Next Game: Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants 12pm CT

Prediction: Packers 24, Giants 14


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