Posted by: Opey | April 22, 2008

The (New) Master Plan

As promised, I have returned to briefly lay out my new and improved plan for my blog going into the future.  For those of you who are new or don’t remember the blog much from prior to my hiatus, I had a rather diverse set of interests that I posted on.  I covered current national and local (WI/Madison) events, sports in general, the Brewers and Packers in depth, law school and legal issues, and various other “gripes” that I came across.  A lot of that was a reflection of where I was as a college senior/graduate with a rather uncertain future and ample time on my hands.  Those characteristics afforded me the ability to reach the ends of the Internet for interesting stories and tidbits.  My life is now a bit more focused and constrained as it relates to time.  With that in mind, the focus of my blog will be a bit more narrow this time around.  For one, my posting will be just a hair less than the last iteration of my blog.  I’m going to aim to post 3-4 times a week.  I will be busy over the summer with my 1L summer job representing inmates, so 3-4 posts a week should afford me enough time to work for my clients, but still give me enough time to spew my ideas.  As for the content of the blog, I hope to have a bit of a Wisconsin focus, but still leave the door open for national/international issues.  For example, I will again be following the Brewers/Packers closely again this year and will have a weekly post similar to Crew Week in Review, but it will be on Thursday this time around to preview the weekend series.  I’ll continue to spout my views on current events, but I’m going to try and focus on WI/Madison issues a bit more.  I will also not be covering nearly as much law school stuff in the future.  I have all the law school I can handle as it is.  Lastly, I hope to have more political coverage this time around because I have been sucked in by Primary Mania ’08.  The election will be a major issue come fall, and, as always, I have plenty of opinions to shout out about the political realm.  We’ll see how this new focus and posting cycle goes and might adjust it as needed.  If there are any suggestions out there as to my focus, please feel free to comment.

All this being said, I won’t start to post on a truly regular basis until mid-May to allow for finals prep time.  I’ll be posting off and on until that time.  Make sure to “tune in” to my NFL Draft postings this weekend and I hope you’ll enjoy the new incarnation of “Opey’s Oratory”.


Quote of the day:

Things do not change, we change.” – Henry David Thoreau



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