Posted by: Opey | April 27, 2008

Ted Thompson Puts in a Good Performance: Draft Coverage 2008

I have to hand it to good old Teddy.  He managed to not screw this one up.  All kidding aside, he managed to put together a draft class that both filled some needs, but also took some risks that could pay off in the future for the Pack.  To the picks we go:

Round 4 (Pick 1): Jeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forest.  This sounds like a pretty good pick for a 4th rounder.  A lot of places list him as a solid player that doesn’t make mistakes, isn’t overly fast/strong, and has room for improvement.  If I’m not mistaken, those types of phrases were thrown around about a certain current DE for the Packers, You know, one from Iowa….Mr. Kampman.  DE will need to be addressed down the road a bit, so I think picking up a player halfway between a contributor and a project is a good fit here.  Grade: B+

Round 4 (Pick 2): Josh Sitton, OT, UCF.  Here’s my OL pick (actually it’s the first of two).  Sitton is an interesting pick as far as our offensive line goes.  He moved around a lot at UCF, playing at right tackle (his natural position) and both guard positions.  Most scouts do not slot him for a future at LT, but the fact that he has the versatility to play at both guards and is a natural right tackle can only add to the Packer’s overall line depth.  It sounds like this kid has picked up his work ethic and could be a good run blocker wherever he is inserted into the line.  Grade: B

Round 5 (Pick 1): Breno Giacomini, OT, Louisville.  Ah, there is nothing better than back-to-back OL picks.  Giacomini played both T and TE for Louisville and has great speed for a guy of his size.  Most scouts and coaches label this guy a “project” and that is perfect for our line.  We have a couple of years before major holes will start to pop up, so that should give Breno plenty of time to add some size to his frame or to improve his blocking skill.  His speed/agility seems to fit in well in the zone blocking scheme and I could see him make a move to a guard position depending on the pulling tendencies of the Pack’s offensive scheme.  Aaron Rogers may be looking at the pick of Louisville lineman and might be feeling a bit uncomfortable up at the top of the depth chart.  Grade: B+

Round 7 (Pick 1): Matt Flynn, QB, LSU.  I managed to catch quite a few LSU games this past year and I liked what I saw with Flynn.  He is not going to absolutely wow you with any of his skills, but he could have the potential to contribute to the team down the road.  He is pretty accurate over the short and intermediate routes, but his long ball is questionable, both in terms of accuracy and power.  He sounds like a good fit in the West Coast style offense with a good ability to hit the slant and other 5-10 yard routes.  The Pack could always use some solid QB depth, especially this year with Roger’s and Brohm’s injury problems.  Grade: B

Round 7 (Pick 2): Brett Swain, WR, San Diego State.  Again with the WR?  Ted realizes that you can only have so many wideouts on the field at one time right?  This, along with the first pick of this draft for the Pack, are the only two questionable picks for Teddy this year.  Swain had a pretty decent year last year for the Aztecs, almost reaching 1000 yds receiving.  I just don’t think that he will work his way onto this team and there were needs left to fill for this team.  Grade: C+

This year is summed up much like last year’s Packer’s draft.  Questionable first round pick that seems to add a player to a position of strength.  A player picked that only had 2 years of playing time.  WRs a plenty.  Really, the main thing that differentiates this class from last years class is Brohm.  There are still some needs for this team (DB first and foremost), but, overall, this class seems to be pretty solid.  Hopefully this class will have the same knack for producing some surprising contributors as Thompson’s last few draft classes have had.  Overall Grade: B+



  1. Your posted grade may placate some of your blog readers, but not this law school grad. Put him on the B- curve – compared to all the other GMs.

    I would grade him just out of the top twenty-five percent (of the bottom half of the class).

    Now take off your cheesehead and get back to your studies 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Ah, the curve will get you every time. I would put him in the top 25% range in terms of the pick’s immediate ability to fulfill needs, but he gets some extra credit based on his uncanny ability to turn coal into diamonds with his late round picks and reaches. As for my cheesehead, it is now safely back on the shelf and replaced with a Brewers hat. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

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