Posted by: Opey | September 11, 2007

Really Tired

The title is pretty evident by itself.  I’m beat.  Between getting up at 6am to work out, being at the law school and either being in class or studying from 8 until 4 or 5 each day and then coming home just to think about law school some more is tiring.  Now, the first two items are things that many would consider tiring.  The last is something that many students and others do not generally think about.  I know I sure didn’t think about it before class.  That being said, it sure is real.  Take today, for example.  I sat in on a Individualized Instruction Services workshop on case briefing refinement and note taking and it sent my worrying into a bit of tailspin.  As I sat in the classroom other participants bombarded the instructor with questions about what I thought were the most mundane, insignifigant, or easy things to do in terms of class preparation.  Now, many would say to themselves that that is a good sign.  They might think that clearly I know the material very well and prepare myself correctly and to the best of my ability.  I would think that too if I wasn’t an insane law student.  Instead, those questions made me question myself as to whether or not I was really prepared/understanding the material.  I think to myself, ‘Well, if they don’t get it, then I probably don’t get it,’ or ‘Does it mean something bad that I don’t understand X.’  This worrying followed me throughout the day.  I am not a person who actually writes out case briefs or summaries.  I instead highlight certain sections of the opinion and color code them as to the issue, reasoning, holding ect.  Now, even though I have felt prepared for class the past few days, I have started to contemplate reconsidering that strategy.  All of this worrying about what I’m doing/not doing just wears on a guy.  I know that law school will get tougher in the next few weeks (hello memo writing), so I’m going to have to find a way to convince myself that what I am doing is best for me or decide that I’m not doing something right and seek the help that I would need to change it.

Posted by: Opey | September 10, 2007

Packers Rewind: Eagles @ Packers

Well, at least it was a win.  The Packers managed to pull out a victory against a tough Eagles team yesterday at Lambeau Field.   It was a truly sloppy game.  The defense look good and held the Eagles largely in check, but I’m not sure how much of that was the Packer’s defense and how much of that was poor play on the part of the Eagle’s offense.  In a similar light, the Packer’s offense looked horrible, but again, I’m not sure how much of that was the offense and how much of that was the Eagle’s D.  In terms of the defense, I think that it was mostly good play on the part of the Packers.  The Eagles had a healthy McNabb under center and it’s tough to argue that the Eagle’s offense isn’t at least in the middle of the pack in terms of NFC/NFL offenses.  In terms of the Packer’s offense, I would have to put a large onus on the Packers.  Our running game looks to be a major problem area this year.  Brandon Jackson showed fleeting moments of “goodness” but, for the most part, the running game looked to be doing nothing more than running in place.  Our passing game looked mediocre, at best.  There is some excuse in terms of the passing game because Greg Jennings was held out with injury and his addition would have added another weapon to the arsenal.  The area of the game that I was really really impressed with was special teams.  Our coverage teams were flying to the ball and the kicking game was awesome.  I had predicted that the Crosby pick would be a great sleeper and, so far, I look like a profit.

Packer of the Week:  Aaron Kampman.  Aaron was always in the shot when a play was broken up in the backfield and there were several plays where Kampman either caught a player running down the field or was nipping at the heels of either McNabb or another ball carrier.

Next Game: Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants 12pm CT

Prediction: Packers 24, Giants 14

Posted by: Opey | September 9, 2007

Badger Blitz: UW vs UNLV

Well, here’s the first installment of the new Badger Blitz series here at Opey’s Oratory.  Let’s all take this moment and let out a large sigh of relief.  Thankfully, Bucky and “They Man, The Myth, The Legend” Mr. TD was able to pullout a win out in the desert.  Watching yesterdays game confirmed some of the fears that I always seem to have year in and year out with Badger football teams.  Firstly, our defense always seems to have problems defending a team that runs a spread offense or shotgun heavy offense.  We face two teams taht run these types of offense in the Big Ten (Purdue and Northwestern) and both of these games give me a heart attack each year.  We always seem susceptible to little WR hitch screens and other staples of the spread offense.  Secondly, I am always a bit apprehensive about UW’s running game each year.  This feeling is probably unwarranted as the Badgers have generally featured a great rushing attack, but for some reason I just cannot get into the positive camp until they show me that this year will not be a down year.  A lot of that probably comes from being an undergrad here during the Anthony Davis era.  I still have not seen that true dominance out of PJ Hill that he showed in a few games last year, but last night was an improvement over his “dance-happy” game against Washington State.  Last night was another game in the Tyler Donovan Surprise Tour.  I played against TD in high school and, even though he could run the ball well, I just didn’t think he could carry a team with his arm.  Well, I was wrong.  His passes have looked crisp and accurate.  Even though it is a small sample size, TD has looked like he can carry the team to some great victories this year.  Well, next week it’s time to beat up on The Citadel.

Badger of the Game: There is no doubt, it has to be TD.  He showed poise under pressure and came through with a great bootleg to win the game last night.  He has passed well and last night he showed that he can still be dangerous on the ground as well.

  • Next Week: The Citadel @ UW
  • Prediction: UW 56, Citadel 10
Posted by: Opey | September 7, 2007

What a Week It’s Been

I’ve been telling people, “I’m still breathing, so it couldn’t have been that bad.”  That statement is often made in order to answer the questions about how the first week of law school went.  To tell you the truth, I really hadn’t had the time to take a retrospective look over the week until this afternoon (Thank You schedule makers for giving me a free Friday afternoon).  As I sat in a local laundromat today, I thought a bit about the week I just went through.  It started off like I imagine it did for most, with me being full of anticipation, nervousness, and a bit of fear.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the first day carried with it some great surprises.  That statement also manages to accurately describe the rest of the week as well.  None of my classes have managed to put the fear of God in me yet.  Yes, they are still in the introductory phases, but the questions that have been asked and the statements that have been made have made sense and nothing has really caught me off guard.  In addition to the surprise about classes, the week outside of the classroom went really well too.  The small group that I am in (UW law school uses a system where 1L students are put into small groups and then the people in those groups have all the same classes, including a small substantive law section) has really formed a good “cohesive unit”.  We genuinely seem to enjoy each others company and are all on the same page on many things.  The Deans Cup festivities (Med School vs Law School), although not going the way of the law school in volleyball, have provided some good times and promise more to come.  And who can object to Thursday night “bar reviews” at local watering holes.  Looking back over the week, I think I may have erred in saying that it was a good sign that I was still breathing.  I don’t think that casts the week in a proper light.  Though I’m sure it will get worse over the next few weeks, the past 4 days of class have provided some great moments.

Posted by: Opey | September 6, 2007

Craig Just Another in a Line of Bad News for the GOP

Welcome to Opey’s political corner. I had said that posts from me that contained general and/or political commentary would decrease, but they will not disappear all together. Case in point comes today. For those of you out there who have been successfully able to hide from the media machine, the name Larry Craig probably doesn’t mean much. You may know him as a US Senator, but you probably don’t know much else about him. Well, in the past few weeks he has been involved in a sex scandal involving an undercover police officer in a bathroom. I’ll save you the time here and just tell you to go out and research the actual situation itself if you so desire. This is just the most recent in a line of incidents that have gone well beyond just “casting” the GOP in a negative light. Between political blunders, sex scandals, and other seedy maneuvers, the Republican party has fallen into the depths of PR hell. And you know what? They really haven’t tried to do much about it. Of course the individual members of the party involved in each scandal will come out and defend themselves, but there hasn’t been any real calls from GOP leadership. If the party really wants to put on a good face and attempt to regain any sense of a positive perception among the public, they should start to stand united against both these scandals in general and the people involved in them. In addition, for once can we just have someone involved come out, apologize and condemn their actions and not try to make excuses. Advisers for Craig have recently come out and stated that Craig had decided not to run next term anyways.  What does this have to do with anything?!?  Craig has even gone so far as to say he is fighting the charges against him and will take back his resignation if successful.  Just take what’s coming to you and then shut up and try to change.  It’s really that simple.  Until more Republicans do this and the number of sex/political scandals involving GOP members go down I will have less and less respect for the party as a whole.

Posted by: Opey | September 5, 2007

Crew Week In Review: August 29 – September 4

Thought I forgot about the blog and Crew Week in Review posts did you? Nope, I’m still chugging along. Just expect most posts to come at night, especially during the week as law school has sapped my day from me. In terms of the Crew, the past week has been a story of high highs and low lows. The week started out great when the Brewers managed to beat the Cubs at Wrigley on Wednesday. The mood quickly soured when the team lost the following day. The highs returned with a sweep of the Pirates at the true friendly confines, Miller Park. The lows came back with a vengeance, though, with the horrendous loss to the Astros on Labor Day. Tuesday brought hope that the Brewers will look to get back on the bright side of life. Our starting pitching seems to maybe, possibly be coming out of the several month slump it has been in and our offense has started to show a steady pulse again. Unfortunately, with those two positives also came the ever present negative for the Brewers over the past few years: an inconsistent bullpen. The Brewer’s bullpen will make or break this playoff run. We now sit only .5 games back behind the Cubs and the pen will have a major say in the final outcome of the season. This is so much the case that Melvin went out and got LHRP Ray King, even though he is not eligible for the Brewer’s playoff roster. Moves like that prove to me that Melvin is trying all that he can to get this team into the playoffs. Now, if only a certain manager would be doing the same…

Brewer of the Week: This week was a tough one. There were a few guys who all deserved it, but I’m going to go with a bit of an emotional bias. This week the award goes to Rickie Weeks. Since returning from AAA Weeks has been on fire when it comes to getting on base. Every time i turn around he is either getting a hit or taking a walk. Weeks has had a .500 OBP over the past 7 days and is second behind Prince with 7 BB in the same period. If he had been doing this since the beginning of the season, who knows where the Brewers would have been. It’s good to see that Rickie has hopefully turned it around.

Today’s Game: Astros @ Brewers, 7:05 PM CT

  • Television: FSN-WI, MLB.TV Radio: Brewer’s Radio Network (1310 WIBA AM in Madison)
  • Pitching Matchup: Matt Albers RHP (4-6, ERA 5.36) vs Yovanni Gallardo RHP (6-4, 4.66 ERA)
  • Predictions
    • Albers has pitched rather well his last two outings. He went 7 innings in each and picked up a win and a no decision. The man named Yo is coming off a great start against the Pirates where he went 7 innings and gave up only 2 ER in the game to pick up the win. That outing came on the heels a not so good outing against the Giants. Yo has been a bit inconsistent over his last handful of starts, but I see him faring pretty well against this Astros team: 6.2 IP, 5K, 2BB, 2ER
    • I can see the signs of a Brewer’s hit parade tonight. Albers has faced Milwaukee twice already, so there should be nothing surprising about him. He fared pretty well against the crew in each of his previous outings, but look for that to change. I predict a Prince HR, Braun to get 3 hits, and Rickie to contribute with a double and a walk or two
    • Can you smell it? Well, can you? It smells like first place for the Brewers tonight. The Dodgers are red hot right now and the Crew is looking to put a hurt on the ‘Stros: Brewers 6, Astros 2
Posted by: Opey | September 4, 2007

A Long and Surprising Day

Well, today was D-Day.  For many around the state, today was the first day of school.  For me, this meant it was the first day of law school.  I had read a ton about what exactly I could expect from this day.  My schedule for today read like a worst case scenario from what I have heard from many other 1Ls and other law students.  The day started out early with contracts, which was followed by civil procedure and then a 4 hour break before legal writing and research.  I went into the day dreading the beginning.  I had heard from many people, both from UW and other law schools, that contracts is often the most difficult class to both understand and “get into”.  I knew Prof. Contracts from my previous incarnation as a UW student, so there was a glimmer of hope.  That glimmer quickly turned into a bright light.  She started off with a minor joke or two, went over the syllabus quickly and then we got into some contract material.  Many in a 1L contracts class probably looked at stuff old contracts in their first lecture.  We, on the other hand, looked over the waiver contract signed by the parents of the children who will participate on the CBS reality show “Kid Nation”.  This was great in two ways.  For one it provided a great example of what a real life contract looks like and two, it provided some laughs and broke the tension of the first day.  I am actually looking forward to contracts now.  I think Prof. Contracts will provide some interesting ways to look at the subject of contracts.  Civil procedure was pretty much what I expected.  The reading has been rather easy and Prof Civ. is apparently one of the foremost subjects in her field.  It doesn’t hurt that the class was only 50 minutes long either.  The 4 hour break after Civ Pro actually was a blessing because I finished off the rest of my reading for the week.  Now hopefully I can get, and stay, ahead.  Legal writing and research actually will not be as bad as advertised, either.  The workload is not awful and the lecturer seems to really care about us, the lowly 1Ls.  She seemed generally interested in us and understanding towards our needs and problems.  I went into today expecting the worst.  I came out of the building today eager and ready for tomorrow.  That optimism will probably be robbed from me soon enough, but, for now, I’ll hold on to it as long as possible.

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And Now it’s Time for a Change

No real post today, just wanted to note a change in schedule for my weekly-feature blog posts.  Sundays will now feature a new segment entitled the “Badger Blitz”, which will be similar to the “Crew Week in Review Posts”.  I did not do one for this week because I just came up with the idea and there really isn’t much to say about the game besides Hill looked a bit off and Swan and Donovan were very surprising.  In the same regard Monday (or the day after the game in the case of Monday night games or other odd game days) will feature the “Packers Rewind”.  So look forward to these new posts this coming Sunday and Monday.  Because the blog will focus more intently on law school experiences, I’m doing away with the Law School Update on Sundays.  I’m also ditching “Enough is Enough Thursdays”.  I figure when I’m not writing about the Pack, Badgers, Brewers or law school I’m generally complaining about something anyways, so why give those complaints a special day to themselves.  Look for this blog to take on a bit more focused theme(s): Sports and Law School.  Sometimes I just have a difficult time coming up with topics other than sports or law school to be overly passionate about.  I will not get rid of my social commentary posts altogether, but they will be down a bit in terms of frequency.  So again just to recap:

  • Monday: Packers Rewind
  • Tuesday: Open
  • Wednesday: Crew Week In Review
  • Thursday: Open
  • Friday: Open
  • Saturday: Open
  • Sunday: Badger Blitz

Thanks for reading the blog and hopefully you’ll enjoy the changes that are to come.

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